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We intend with this spot to have a place where fs-sim can find what it needs for flight simulation in the virtual skies of Cabo Verde.

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Aviation has always been something that fascinated the human being.

Nowadays, thanks to computerized technologies, there is a growing wave of lovers of an aviation component that, since the beginning of the 1980s, has been captivating more and more fans: virtual aviation.

Basically, it is a flight simulator that was launched by Microsoft for more than 20 years and is already in its 10th version, usable on any computer.

Over the years, interest in this area has been increasing, with the development of software applicable to this simulator, both in the scenarios area and in the area of aircraft and, in the last 10 years, also in the area of Air Traffic Control.

As can be seen from the picture below, today thousands of people, in the comfort of their homes, make virtual flights, rigorously fulfilling (and this is a point of honor among the class) what is done in real flights.

Pic. 1
Overview of online flights on a normal traffic day

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The picture in question also illustrates an added value thanks to the internet: Online flights.

The virtual pilots submit their flight plans to virtual air traffic controllers who, just as in real life, approve them, and then give the whole process of authorizations for running engines, taxi to the waiting points and take-offs - all this online, we repeat and every intervener in the comfort of your home, using the most common of computers.

We did not have to wait long for virtual airlines to appear, some fictitious, others sponsored by their real counterparts. We can give here as an example the Virtual Tap, Virtual Sabena, TAAG Virtual, KLM Virtual, among others.

In this new scenario, software has been developed that simulate the management of an airline, forcing it to rigorously fulfill a set of requirements, as in reality, according to the Operations Manual of each virtual company.

Cape Verde could not escape this trend, being since 2003 involved in this world, whose motto is "As Real As It Gets".

Four virtual Cape Verdean companies have already passed through the virtual skies of this world, to exemplify,

- Cape Verde Airlines (CVA-VA),

- Flyer,

- Aeroclub de Cabo Verde (ACV-VA) and


Fans of this virtual world, Cape Verdeans, are graciously and on their own initiative, creating photo-realistic scenarios of the different Cape Verdean airports, as well developing liveries, for the simple pleasure of flying in the virtual skies of the world, with Cabo Verde colors in their tails,  and have the pleasure of finishing the flights at airports that are a faithful copy of reality.

The following pictures are the example and proof of this.

Pic. 2
Partial view of Sal airport

Pic. 3
Partial view of Praia airport scenery

Pic. 4

B-737-800 Mindelo and Ground Service at GVNP

Pic. 5
Ground Service at GVAC

Paulo de Figueiredo